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After 9 years of hosting Weekend quilting and scrapbooking retreats, we decided to take a different direction. So, in December 2016, we opened Pink Petunia's Patchworks, the perfect outlet for our hobby.  I operate the shop with my sister Roxanne Perron and my son Zacary Arnault. We all love to quilt, and more importantly, we enjoy sharing our knowledge with others.

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At our shop, you can find a wide assortment of quilting cottons and flannels, as well as a variety of colorful and beautiful precut fabric bundles. Not only that, but there are rulers, cutting tools, and other notions to help you in completing your project. If quilting is not your thing, we have some homemade quilts, table runners, bags and the like, ready for use in your home and on the go. As stated, we are happy to answer your questions about quilting, and to provide you with the resources you need to do well.

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Pink Petunias Patchworks

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